frequently asked Questions

How’s it going?

… first of all – nice that you are here! :-)

1. To be able to start you have to register first – WHY? This has a legal background and is related to our licenses. In order to prevent abuse, we want to know who we are dealing with and hope that is ok for you!

2. Then you can select your vehicle. We are constantly updating our databases and try to provide you with all possible vehicle templates. If your model is not in the database, you will receive a suggestion for a similar model. You can then select that and give us the information later that your actual vehicle was not there. We will then gladly rework the design for you

3. You have chosen your vehicle, enter the color of the paint (by eye) and then come to the design area. Now the motto is: TOB YOURSELF! BE CREATIVE! You can choose templates from our library and change them, add text, upload your own images (please make sure that you have the right to do so and that you do not violate any copyrights). We are constantly trying to incorporate new elements so that you can really get started.

4. If you are satisfied with the design you have created, you can save it and send it to us. We would like to know a few more things from you. If there are no queries, you will receive an offer from us within 48 hours (except weekends) with all the costs included.

5. If you confirm the offer, you will receive an order confirmation and invoice according to the offer. Please note that the production of your adhesive only begins when we have received your full payment. You will of course be informed about this. If we do not receive any money for your order within 7 days, the order will be automatically canceled and deleted. We ask for your understanding.

6. Then production begins. We always try to be quick, we know that you can hardly wait – but keep in mind that you are not the only one who can hardly wait. Since we also attach great importance to quality, it can take a few days for you to receive your order. As a rule, you have to expect 7-14 working days from payment.

7. You receive the foil and can finally glue it! Have fun and success. You are welcome to send us your feedback and, even better, a few pictures of the finished car. We would like to share these with the world on our Facebook and Instagram pages. When you send in the pictures, you automatically give your consent.

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